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The popularity of Linux on customary desktop computers and laptops has been increasing over the years. presently most distributions embody a graphical user atmosphere, with the 2 preferred environments being GNOME (which will utilize extra shells like the default GNOME Shell and Ubuntu Unity), and also the KDE Plasma Desktop.[citation needed]

The performance of Linux on the desktop has been a disputed topic; for instance in 2007 Con Kolivas defendant the Linux community of affirmative performance on servers. He quit Linux kernel development as a result of he was pissed off with this lack of concentrate on the desktop, and so gave a "tell all" interview on the subject. Since then a major quantity of development has been undertaken in a shot to boost the desktop expertise. comes like Upstart and systemd aim for a quicker boot time.

Many standard applications square measure out there for a good style of operative systems. for instance Mozilla Firefox, and liquidizer have downloadable versions for all major operative systems. moreover, some applications were at first developed for Linux, like artificial language, and GIMP, and were ported to alternative operative systems together with Windows and macintosh OS X attributable to their quality. additionally, a growing variety of proprietary desktop applications also are supported on Linux; see List of proprietary package for Linux. within the field of animation and visual effects, most high finish package, like Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI and Apple Shake, is on the market for Linux, Windows and/or macintosh OS X. There also are many corporations that have ported their own or alternative companies' games to Linux.

Many types of applications out there for Microsoft Windows and macintosh OS X also are out there for Linux. Commonly, either a free package application can exist that will the functions of associate application found on another OS, or that application can have a version that works on Linux, like with Skype and a few video games.[citation needed] moreover, the Wine project provides a Windows compatibility layer to run unmodified  Windows applications on Linux. CrossOver could be a proprietary resolution supported the open supply Wine project that supports running Windows versions of Microsoft workplace, grasp applications like Quicken and QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop versions through CS2, and plenty of standard games like World of Warcraft and Team fort a pair of. In alternative cases, wherever there's no Linux port of some package in areas like desktop publishing and skilled audio, there's equivalent package out there on Linux.

The cooperative nature of free package development permits distributed groups to perform language localization of some Linux distributions to be used in locales wherever localizing proprietary systems wouldn't be cost-efficient. for instance the Sinhalese language version of the Knoppix distribution was out there considerably before Microsoft Windows XP was translated to Sinhalese.[citation needed] during this case the Lanka Linux User cluster contend a significant half in developing the localized system by combining the data of university professors, linguists, and native developers.

Installing, change and removing package in Linux is usually done through the employment of package managers like the junction Package Manager, PackageKit, and Yum Extender. whereas most major Linux distributions have in depth repositories, usually containing tens of thousands of packages, not all the package that may run on Linux is on the market from the official repositories. or else, users will install packages from unofficial repositories, transfer pre-compiled packages directly from websites, or compile the ASCII text file by themselves. of these strategies accompany totally different degrees of difficulty; assembling the ASCII text file is generally thought-about a difficult method for brand spanking new Linux users, however it's hardly required in trendy distributions and isn't a technique specific to Linux.

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